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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Starting out. part VI

 Hello everyone. Did you have a happy holiday? I hope so. Did you get the presents that you wanted? Let me know what it was in the comments section. I got a really nice sweater from my girlfriend, thank you for asking.

  We have a great post planned for you today. Filled with pictures and rants and lectures. Yes this is the seventh fifth part of the starting out series. And it will go on for a some time as we have three models in the starter box to paint. But first....
Its time to introduce to you another member of the Slow Burn League ( a Wednesday night gaming club).

Andrew. He can be a bit shy at times.
  Andrew this is the blog's fan base. Blog fans, this is Andrew. Everyone well acquainted? Good. Lets move on to the meaty bits eh?

  Previously on A brush, a paint and a mini: I showed you the process of applying the base coat to a fully assembled Juggernaut. There were a few hard to reach places and a brass pin that wasn't always as comfortable to work with as we would like. There was a Post 6 and our customary holiday wishes for Christmas. We are also working on fixing the no picture issue with Post 6 by the way. For those of you that read it. Whomever you are...
 On this post/ episode we will cover the Juggernaut's sibling. The Destroyer. We primed the Destroyer in pieces to illustrate the advantages and drawbacks of painting the individual components of the model before assembly. So here is what we are going to work with:
 Exciting isn't it? Makes you want to get started right? Well lets get to it. Get that pot of paint and the brush and do we have the water cups ready? Good. Let's go.

 This time I started with red. I could have started the same way as the Juggernaut and painted the parts that would have gotten a metallic finish with CB but the photographer asked me a question just as I was reaching for a pot of paint and well. I started with red. and as you can see in the picture above I painted a plate that on the Juggernaut was left black. Not to worry, black paint covers over red really well so we continue to paint the parts that we want to paint red.
 A quick recap on the paint. I am using the P3 paints by Privateer Press. These paints take a little getting used to. They don't have as much medium added as filler and so are quite a bargain. I will cover medium, flow release and retarder in a later entry.

 HINT: To make it easier to type this blog late at night. Well actually early in the morning now. I contracted the names of the colors to their initials. For now Coal Black is CB, Thamar black is reffered to as Bk, and Khador Red Base is KRB. (for the motherland!)
 It helps to listen to music while painting. As for the music you should listen to? Well your Computer should have access to what you like and are in the mood for.
In these pictures you can see the Juggernaut. I look at it to make sure that I keep the color scheme consistent. If one thing I have learned about armies, it is this. All armies, be they fantasy or real or sifi, like consistency and uniformity.
The down side of painting a model in pieces is that you are more likely to paint your fingers. While not a bad thing in itself, it does lead to question and answer sessions with loved ones depending on the color of paint used.
If you really want to worry your family. Mix one part blue paint with three parts red, this makes for a realistic blood red color.

And it is nice to have a collection of models that look as if they work together.
As you can see it is a time consuming process to apply the paint in light coats over and over. On the plus side I don't have to worry about touching wet paint on a part. Once I apply a coat on it I set it down and work on another part. You will also notice that I have yet to remove the tape from the contact points. Call me  lazy, call it fore thought. I decided not to remove the tape as I don't want to deal with stray paint going where I will be applying glue. Any places where the tape has covered and kept me from painting will be fixed later in the detailing stage. By the the model will be fully assembled.
 Here is the Bombard. One of the arms of the Destroyer with a near ready KRB coat and some of the metal parts (parts that will be painted with metallic paint) have received a CB treatment.
 The two shoulders. One with KRB and CB and the other with just KRB.
 Now that I am somewhat satisfied with the red base I move on to adding the CB on the pieces. This gives the red paint time to dry and gives me a little break form seeing red.
 After I finish with the CB I will fix any stray red KRB paint strokes with CB and Bk.
I will also make sure to post the pictures of the finished base coat before we star with the next stage.

So by now you have painted on the base coat and are asking yourselves. What is the Major drawback of painting a model in this manner? Well it's not a problem until you have to deal with highlights and shadows. Once you finish the base coat you will have to assemble the model. Which means that you have to be very careful with where you apply glue and also have to deal with the super glue residue. It looks like a fine layer of white dust/powder or paint. You will have to cover that with paint.

And in case I don't manage to post it on time (different time zones).


Please leave comments for this entry or any other posts. I would like to hear from you.
I want to know how to improve this blog and of course answer any questions you have.

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