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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starting out part XIII

 Hello there, I see that it has taken me too long to post this update. I wish to apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. I am at this time working to rectifying the situation so as to insure that I can post on a more regular basis.
On related note, the Slow Burn league has gained a few new members. I will post their pictures and short intro as I get them taken, written down and of course get permission to post them. Yes I do ask for permission. So now then lets get to the meaty bits of this post eh?
Previously on A brush, a paint, and a mini; I applied the initial base coat on Sorcha.
In this post We will finish up the base coating process and I will also expand on the aspects of painting a character model. So shall we begin?

First I should mention a little more about painting character models and what that entails. Character models in all games and miniatures lines are extra special pieces, they usually have more detail and tend to be a little fancier. They also have more personality to them and that presents a few more challenges than painting regular non-character models. In the case of Sorcha we will need to keep in mind what her personality is like. According to the fiction writer at Privateer Press, Doug Seacat, she is as cold as ice, a frost maiden. We will need to keep that in mind when we paint her while at the same time not allowing this fact to keep us from painting her in a way that keeps her tied in with her army. While her armor should provide the tie in, it is her face as well as some of the secondary effects that we will paint that will show her personality. Painting Sorcha will also give you some experience on painting infantry models as well, so it is like killing two birds with one hand cannon shot. As I have already covered the preliminary base coat on the model in my previous post I will skip that step and move on to the next one.
In this case I will do a little bit of clean up, touch up the base coat and reevaluate her color scheme. As I was looking at her I decided that the gloves needed to be painted black. And some of the armor plates needed an extra coat of red paint. While the boots also get a treatment of Thamar Black.This also helps tie her in with her 'Jacks.
While I am at it, I painted her hair black. This way her hair will provide a greater contrast against the pale skin tone that I have chosen for her. One thing to note is that I have already painted her weapon Coal Black, when I was working on the Juggernaut and Destroyer.
Next I start to look for where all of the leather parts will be. In this case its her gun holster. There are some straps as well, but I think that I will paint some of them black. The handle of the gun as well as the holster will be painted with Gun Corps brown. I then water down some Gun Corps Brown and proceed to paint.
I got a little overzealous with the water and thinned the paint too much. So I took the above picture to show you what happens when you put in too much water when thinning down paint. Not to worry, it's not the end of the world. And while the paint was still wet I opted to use it as a base color for the hat as well.

While I am waiting for the paint on the model to dry, I will mix some Jack bone with the Gun Corps Brown that I already have on my palette. I was going for a 2 parts Jack Bone to one part Gun Corps Brown. This mixture will be applied to the hat and fir trim on the coat.
Make sure to rotate the model as you pain to catch all of the details as you go.
Now that the fir hat and trim have gotten their base color. Its time to mix up some thing for the skin. The skin is one of the trickier parts on a model to paint. Unlike other materials, like leather, metal or even cloth. Skin has seemingly contradictory properties. It is smoother than cloth for example and often times can appear shinier. However it is softer than metals and duller and at times rougher in texture than leather. We have to keep this in mind when painting faces, hands and other fleshy parts. On the plus side base color for flesh is a mid tone. So that you can shade and highlight as you see fit. With that in mind and also keeping in mind that a person's skin isn't always uniform in color I begin to mix my base color for Sorcha's face. To do that I add two parts of Ryn  Flesh to one part of the Jack Bone mixture that I used to base coat her hat and fur trim.

Looks cold, doesn't she? Good.
Well that is it for this week. In my next post I will, fill in that primer colored spot on her chest, clean up the weapon and base coat it, as well as her side arm. I might even get to do her preliminary highlights and shadows.
Until next time.