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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey, it's Post 6

   Yet again it's time for another Post 6. This time I wanted to write a little bit about where I have been which should, hopeful, explain why I am late with the latest update. I do realize that all of you would like to see how I based my models, as well as the finishing highlights and shading that needs to be done.

First of I had to send my girlfriend off. She is currently spending the summer with her family. And should be returning later in the fall. It has been a very stressful couple of weeks for us both as is the case with impending international travel. This leads me to the next event that took place. This past Saturday was Lock and Load. An event that was organized by the folks at Privateer Press that is akin to Games Day and Golden Daemon. Needless to say that I had a very enjoyable time there, played a lot of games and got to see some very amazingly painted miniatures. I have a few pictures of the event itself. If you want to see the painting competition minies you should mosey on over to the Privateer Press website.
So without much ado here are the pictures that i took I hope that some of you are in them.


Even Thagrosh made it. What was your excuse?


Ok, so it was really a costume contest.

  So there you have it. We had battles, Costume contests And I didn't really get that much sleep. Well I should head back to working on the next entry. I will see you then.

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